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Established and operating since 1997, our mix-on-site concrete offers a unique system providing small yardage concrete delivery. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality concrete, and delivering it to you in an expedient manner. No more long hours of heavy labor mixing sacrete, no waste and no messy clean-up! Concrete is extremely heavy, weighing almost two tons per yard. And it takes approximately 40 bags of sacrete to equal one cubic yard. Do you really want to do all that work yourself?

We invite you to explore our website and discover for yourself why Quick and Easy Concrete satisfies the need for small yardage with both superior product, and delivery.


We are a volumetric concrete delivery company specializing in small batch deliveries but can handle some of your biggest pours. Our fleet of volumetric mixer trucks (aka plant on wheels) can mix nine to ten yards of concrete, on site, per delivery. Mixing on site gives us the ability to only charge for what you use, control the concrete as it is poured, and deliver fresh concrete to any job site, remote or local.

Concrete Plant on Wheels

We haul all the ingredients for concrete (sand rock, cement, water and additives) in separete compartments on our truck. According to each customer's strengh specifications, gates are set at the outlet of the sand, rock and cement compartments, allowing the proper amount of each to drop onto a conveyor belt. This continuously moving conveyor belt transports the material to the rear of the truck where water and additives are added as it enters a 9" auger, which mixes all the ingredients togheter while it travels down toward the chute where it emerges as fresh concrete.

Remote Drive System

Unlike ready-mix trucks, our concrete mobile is equipped with a unique remote drive system, allowing the operator to move and steer the truck from a control station at the rear of the unit. At many job sites, this valued feature saves substantial time and money. It is unnecessary for the operator to jump in and out of the truck to reposition it for pour completion.

Additives Available

In order to meet your job needs, we provide various additives which include the following options:

  • Non-Calcium Accelerator
  • Fiber Mesh
  • Integrated Color Options
  • About Us

    Quick and Easy concrete is a family owned and operated business out of the Woodinville area. Our company is dedicated to providing the best concrete delivery solution for any job, at any time, with any mix. With our fleet of volumetric mixers we offer a variety of services from shortloads of just 1/4 yard to hundereds of yards on your job site, Remote or local. We are equipped to handle any size pour, at any spec. Call Today to experience the way concrete delivery should be!


    Started in 1997, Quick and Easy concrete was one of the first volumetric mixers in the seattle area. As a new convenient option for concrete delivery, Quick and Easy Concrete became swiftly busy with new business proving that volumetric mixers are a great option for concrete delivery.


    Since 2018, Quick and Easy Concrete has been ran by the Ricci family, with a new energy the company has grown to what it is today. We have been working hard to provide a new experience for concrete delivery that both the contractor or DIYer will find quick, easy, convenient, and friendly!


    Depending on the job, and time frame; we have varying rate options. For specific information please download our current updated rate card:

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