Rapid Set Cement

Rapid Set is a quick-hardening calcium sulfoaluminate as opposed to a conventional portland cement. Rapid Set utilizes many refinements during manufacturing to achieve a high-quality durable yield for long life applications. Unlike standard cement, Rapid Set has low shrinkage which avoids cracking. Rapid Set typically achieves drive strength within one hour and full strength after one day. Standard portland cement takes over a day to achieve drive strength, and a month to reach its full strength.

DOT Cement

This cement is a specially manufactured blend of rapidset with additional additives to give it a long life in environments where freezing and thawing often occur. It is a hydraulic cement that is known for its high performance and quick hardening. Uses can include pavement repair, industrial flooring, parking garage decks, and freezer floors as well as many other projects. Cure times, for this product, vary depending on temperature however DOT will usually set faster above 70 degrees fahrenheit and slower below.