Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does mix on site concrete work?

A: Our truck is loaded with cement, stone, sand, and water in separate bins. After the driver/operators’ truck is in position they will set the truck for the desired mix design. Once the trucks setup for the mix the operator will add the water and start mixing the ingredients into concrete through the mixing auger off the back of the truck and fresh concrete will run down the chute into the desired location.

Q: How many Yards of concrete can each truck haul?

A: Depending on the truck and concrete mix design we can deliver 8-10cy of concrete.

Q: Is your concrete as strong as a batch plant?

A: Yes, we use all the same admixtures, aggregates, and cement the local batch plants use. All of our mixes are tested to the same spec. We have never failed a test for strength.

Q: What is your availability?

A: Typically we can book a job and pour it within a few days. If you are looking for a specific date and time we recommend booking at least a week before you want to pour. Need it now? Give us a call we can sometimes fit you in same day!

Q: Do you work weekends? Lat night pours?

A: Yes, Weekends are extra with Saturday being the most affordable. Sundays have a premium rate, however since we mix on site there is no batch plant to open so we often are less for off hours/weekend work then it would cost for the batch plant operations.

Q: How large are your trucks?

A: Our trucks are the same size as a regular concrete mixer truck. The dimensions of our trucks are 32-34’ long, 9’ wide, and 12-13’ tall and weighing up to 64,000lbs fully loaded.

Q: How far does the chute reach?

A: Our chute reaches 14-16’ from the back of the truck and can move 70 degrees side to side. Each truck is equipped with a remote drive system so the operator can drive the truck from the dispensing end.

Q: Do you have color to add to the concrete?

A: We use Davis Colors Concrete pigments for our colored concrete mixes. Please refer to (Davis colors color chart link) for available colors. When ordering have color NAME ready. The number is just the type of pigment we add and does not help us with what color you want. Color is charged by the pound of pigment we add to each yard. Dark colors can add at least $100/yd to the price.

Q: What is your cost per yard?

A: Please see our rate card for current pricing available here.

Q: What is your service area?

A: You can find the service area on the back of our rate card found here.